$ARB reward for holders
  • $ARBAX is an innovative token on the Arbitrum network that allows users to earn passive income through its auto-reward mechanism.
  • The Smart Contract imposes a 6% tax on each $ARBAX transaction, which is allocated as follows:
    • $ARB rewards (2%): $ARB tokens are redistributed every hour among $ARBAX holders.
    • Marketing, development, flexible funds (3% total, 1% for each): these funds are used to support the project's growth and development.
  • As an $ARBAX holder, you can passively earn $ARB tokens, which have their own value and use cases within the Arbitrum network.
  • By holding $ARBAX, you also contribute to the project's growth and development, as a portion of the transaction tax goes towards these efforts.
  • Join the $ARBAX community and start earning passive income while supporting the growth of an innovative project on the Arbitrum network.