Welcome to the Arbitrum Axolotl

Arbitrum Axolotl offers a fun and playful theme centered around the axolotl. Don't let this picture fool you, we offer much more than just a cute mascot!
Our team is committed to building a strong and transparent community within the Arbitrum blockchain network, with a focus on delivering value to our investors.
Due to the 6% transaction tax, please adjust your slippage to 7% or more to ensure successful transactions when buying/selling.


The motivation behind the Arbitrum Axolotl is creating a strong and supportive community within the Arbitrum network. With a strong emphasis on transparency and security, we offer a safe and reliable opportunity.
One of the standout features of Arbitrum Axolotl is its commitment to transparency. Unlike some other cryptocurrency projects, you can trust that the team behind Arbitrum Axolotl is dedicated to keeping its community informed about its operations and decision-making processes.
We invite you to join our community and see for yourself what makes Arbitrum Axolotl a great choice for cryptocurrency investors.

Get Started

We have put together some helpful guidelines to assist you in getting to know the project